If you are injured by the conduct of another person, you may have an injury claim. This would apply whether the conduct was intentional or accidental. There are statutes of limitation which will forever bar you from bringing a claim for injury if you do not do so within a specified time period prescribed by law. Statutes of limitation vary in length depending on the type of injury and the identity of the defendant. If you suffer an injury which you think may be compensable you should seek out an attorney at your earliest opportunity. Keep records of the identity of law enforcement, any potential witnesses, opposing party, photographs of the injury, health care providers, and others you may deal with pertaining to the matter. Do not discuss an injury claim with an insurance representative without first consulting your attorney. Pursue the matter promptly in order to avoid the loss of claim by failure to file promptly. Whether you are searching for a Bel Air Accident Lawyer, a Fallston Accident Lawyer, Harford County Accident Lawyer or Maryland Accident Lawyer, the real issue is determining the correct jurisdiction and venue for the case, which we can help you with. For a free consultation on an injury claim call Steve King at 410-879-7442.