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Breathalyzer Test Information

In Maryland a Breathalyzer test will usually be offered to a defendant on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. There are two types of Breathalyzer test devices. The first is a preliminary breath test or pbt which equipment is available on the roadside in the patrol car. This test is not admissible in evidence but is useful to the law enforcement officer in deciding whether there is probable cause for an arrest. The second kind of Breathalyzer test is located at the station house. This test would be conducted by a certified Breathalyzer technician on equipment which has been specially calibrated and tested for accuracy, the result of which is usually admissible in evidence. There are severe penalties for refusal to undergo this Breathalyzer test. There are also penalties for failure to pass the Breathalyzer test. But the penalties are usually harsher for refusal of the test than they are for failing the test. Under changes in the law, which have developed over time, the prosecutor may now bring to the attention of the court the fact that the defendant refused to take a Breathalyzer test. If the Breathalyzer test is to be taken, law enforcement is required to take the test within two hours of arrest; otherwise, the test may not be valid due to passage of time

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