Professional referral and attorney location in other jurisdictions regarding legal matters not handled by this office is available through consultation. Stephen J King has referred hundreds of individuals to other professionals.

Retainer Agreements

A retainer is deposited in escrow upon entering into a Retainer Agreement with the understanding that the client will be called upon to replenish and maintain the retainer amount on a periodic basis as work is performed on the case. Usually on a monthly basis services and expenses are charged against the retainer. If the paralegal is able to perform any of the work, the resulting savings are passed on to the client through reduced charges. See the section: Your Role in Controlling Your Legal Fee.

Your Role in Controlling Your Legal Fee

Every client has an opportunity to help reduce their fee. If you are able to assemble, organize and bring in necessary documents and supporting data for your case, and provide additional requested information and records without followup telephone calls from the attorney or his staff you will save yourself unnecessary expenses. If you need to talk with your attorney by telephone, write down your questions and have them handy. This will assure that the phone call will flow smoothly and your topics will be covered. Our staff is available to take telephone calls and while not able to answer legal questions, they are still very helpful with confirmation of event scheduling and many other aspects of the representation.

Family Law Lawyer in Bel Air MD

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