Steve King has over 30 years experience in Family Law handling child support claims and questions. In Maryland child support is generally determined by the Maryland Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. There are actually two child support guideline worksheets depending upon the division of time of the child(ren) between the parties. Worksheet A or the sole custody guidelines worksheet for child support is employed when one parent has the child(ren) in residence more than two-thirds of the nights in the course of the year. The factors which go into a guidelines worksheet for child support are the incomes of the two parents, the cost of health insurance for the child(ren), extraordinary expenses for the child(ren), private school tuition, work related child care expenses and the division of time between the parents. Sometimes there is a deviation from the child support guidelines based upon special circumstances.

Child Support Guidelines

Worksheet B for the calculation of child support is employed when each parent has the child(ren) in their care for at least one-third of the nights of the year or more. This is referred to as the shared custody guidelines worksheet.

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