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Here at Stephen Jennings King, P.A., we are able to guide you through the legal process to pursue the outcome that most benefits you and your family. All the areas of family law including divorce, custody, child support, spousal support, separation agreements, and property settlements are our focus at Stephen Jennings King, P.A.

About Family Law

The area of family law encompasses divorce, custody, child support, alimony, alimony pendente lite, indefinite alimony, rehabilitative alimony, pre-nuptial agreements, separation agreements, property settlements, modification of child support, visitation, division of property, monetary award, determination of marital and non-marital property, divorce planning, and domestic violence issues. Statutes regarding family law vary from state to state. Begin family law exploration by looking to determine which jurisdiction applies to your case. Jurisdiction is usually based upon the residence of the parties. If the husband and the wife have resided in the State of Maryland for more than one year prior to the filing of the action, Maryland is most likely the correct jurisdiction. Jurisdiction may also be achieved by ownership of real estate within the state of Maryland. The place of marriage is not generally important in determining jurisdiction. The residence of the child(ren) is important for determining jurisdiction for custody matters. The Home State of the children is generally the correct jurisdiction for child custody matters. Whether you are looking for a Fallston Divorce Lawyer, Bel Air Divorce Lawyer, or Havre de Grace Divorce Lawyer, the likely location for the case will be Harford County Circuit Court in Bel Air, Maryland.

Once jurisdiction is determined, some attention should be paid to deciding which county is appropirate for the case, which is generally referred to as venue. Sometimes there are multiple venues or counties available to the parties. In this event it may be necessary to proceed promptly in a chosen county. Venue can be important for convenience purposes, particularly if the alternate venue is a great distance away.

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