In Maryland, drivers are subject to two types of penalties for driving infractions. Steve King can help you understand which may apply to you. With over 30 years of experience, Stephen King offers a free initial consultation on MVA hearing cases.

In Maryland drivers are subject to two types of penalties for driving infractions. The first is generally before the district court of Maryland or traffic court, where the court may assess fines, penalties, and incarceration. The second and separate proceeding is before the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) and involves the assessment of points and possible suspension and/or revocation of license. Drivers convicted of driving under influence, DUI, DWI and alcohol violations may be required to use ignition interlock devices to test for alcohol on the vehicle they drive. Motor Vehicle Administration hearings are held at various MVA offices as well as the main headquarters in Hunt Valley. Drivers are entitled to be represented by legal counsel at those hearings. If charged with DUI/DWI drivers are often using a paper license after their arrest and should know that there is a very short ten (10) day period allotted to request a hearing on the suspension of license. Therefore, if arrested for DUI/DWI you should arrange to see the attorney immediately. Be prepared to complete the hearing request after consulting with your attorney. The MVA charges a fee for such hearings which at the time of this writing is $125.

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